Xamarin.Forms Social Authentication with Azure Mobile Services – Part 1

In these series I’ll show you how to integrate your Xamarin.Forms app with Azure Mobile Services. The goals are: Setup the project Authenticate the user using social networks Get extra information from the user This is a rather extensive article/tutorial, so it will be written in three parts. Each part will go over one goal, you can find […]

Xamarin REST communications with ModernHttp

Xamarin and REST go along pretty “easily”. In this post I will demonstrate how to do that. Our test app will check for stock quotes [1]. Alright, first thing we do is create our Xamarin.Forms project, I usually opt for Shared:   We’ll also be targeting Windows Phone 8.1:   Adding System.Net.Http to Android and […]

Windows Phone project not recognizing DLLs

I ran into a problem in which the Windows Phone project was not recognizing the DLLs that were “technically” added in the .NET for Windows Phone reference. The problem is that you have to manually add those references using nuget, otherwise it won’t work. In my case the DLLs (at the moment of this writing) were System.Net.Http, […]